Trainer Talks

Episode #71 - Ian O'Dwyer - Using Self Care tissue management & Play to improve health & well-being

July 07, 2021 Jason Stella Season 3 Episode 71
Trainer Talks
Episode #71 - Ian O'Dwyer - Using Self Care tissue management & Play to improve health & well-being
Show Notes

In this first episode of the the LifeTime Talks - Training podcast join host Jason Stella and PTAG and Feel SOMA co-founder Ian O'Dwyer discuss......

  1. What he learned about motion from working with horses
  2. The four self applied applications to help improve performance 
  3. How and why using "Play" with your clients to improve their health and well-being.
  4. How he has used in session observation to adjust programming.
  5. How he found working with bony sections led to easier tissues changes. 
  6. Explaination of what needs to be included when discussing "Tissues"
  7. Explains how to do 3 mobilizations that are "must do's" to help people move and feel better.
  8. How to connect better with your clients! 

Ian O’Dwyer guides clients to optimal performance, identifying positive mindset and movement patterns.  He coaches the human being, not the human body.
Ian is a husband, father, brother and uncle; family and friends are precious to him.
He has over 25 years in the Health and Fitness Industry as a Sports Conditioner and Coach, Personal Trainer, Body Worker, International educator, Presenter and Mentor.
He owns and runs OD on Movement Performance Studio, consulted and educated for PT on the Net, Co-Founded PTA Global and is now Co-Founder of SOMA along with great friend and long-time colleague Rodney Corn.
Ian has a unique observation and appreciation of the body in motion. Many years of extensive conditioning and rehabilitation through sport combined with spending time with global ground breakers in the industry, has authorized Ian to evolve effective movement solutions and systems.
This has lead Ian, to evolve techniques and applications that empower clients and coaches with solutions to everyday issues, enabling them to regain responsibility for their own wellbeing. Creating a freedom to enjoy the experience of life and accomplish whatever goal required.
In his journey, Ian has also delivered over 650 workshops worldwide. His ability to facilitate the cutting edge science and research on many topics into practical solutions has empowered wellness professionals to lead their clients to more efficient and effective results.
Instgram : feel.soma 
FB: feelsoma