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Episode #84 - Dr. Kelly Starrett - Improving Mobility & Recovery using Hyperice products

October 18, 2021 Season 3 Episode 84
Trainer Talks
Episode #84 - Dr. Kelly Starrett - Improving Mobility & Recovery using Hyperice products
Show Notes

Join Founder of The Ready State, Author of Becoming a Supple Leopard: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance and Hyperice product expert Dr. Kelly Starrett and Jason Stella discuss.....

  1. Why Stress, muscular dysfunction and pain is prevalent now more than ever & Self Care seems to be a growing trend.
  2. The top 3 most common locations to use the Hypervolt?
  3. How often and How long should you use a Hypervolt for best results.
  4. The different benefits of all Hyperice products on Mobility and Recovery
    • Normatec - Dynamic Air Compression
    • Venom - Heat
    • Vyper - Vibration
    • Core - Mindfulness
    • Hyperice - Ice Compression

More about Kelly
Kelly is a coach, physical therapist, author, and speaker. Along with his wife Juliet, Kelly is co-founder of The Ready State. The Ready State began as Mobility|WOD in 2008 and has gone on to revolutionize the field of performance therapy and self-care. Kelly received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2007 from Samuel Merritt College in Oakland, California.
Kelly’s clients include professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. He also works with Olympic gold-medalists, Tour de France cyclists, world-and national-record-holding Olympic lifting and power athletes, CrossFit Games medalists, ballet dancers, military personnel, and competitive age-division athletes.
Kelly is the author of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers Becoming A Supple Leopard and Ready to Run. He is also co-author (with Juliet) of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Deskbound. His latest book, Waterman 2.0, offers water-sport athletes a comprehensive guide to optimized movement and pain-free performance.
Kelly and his work have been featured on 60 Minutes, The View, The Joe Rogan Experience, CBS Sports, Outside Magazine, Men's Health, Men's Journal and dozens of other podcasts, magazines, and books — including Tim Ferriss' The 4-Hour Body and Tools of Titans.
On top of co-founding The Ready State, Kelly and Juliet also started San Francisco CrossFit and StandUpKids together.
Founded in 2005, San Francisco CrossFit was the 21st CrossFit affiliate in the world. And StandUpKids is a non-profit dedicated to combating kids' sedentary lifestyles by bringing standing and moving desks to low-income public schools. To date, StandUpKids has converted 95,000 kids from sitting to standing. Earlier in their careers, Kelly and Juliet also co-founded a kayaking camp for children with HIV called Liquid.
In his athletic career, Kelly paddled whitewater slalom canoe on the US Canoe and Kayak Teams. He lead the Men’s Whitewater Rafting Team to two national titles and competed in two World Championships. In his free time, “KStar” likes to spend time with his wife, Juliet, and two daughters, Georgia and Caroline.
He also loves to mountain bike, paddle, and sauna. And while Kelly claims to only “tolerate” the ice bath, according to Juliet he actually likes that, too.